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Egyptian Spirit

Over a year has passed since one of the biggest achievement in Egypt´s modern history: the Egyptian Revolution, which inspired people all around the world.

After 30 years of Silence, Injustice, Oppression, I witnessed the Egyptian People who stood together – asking for their rights and seeking justice.

Throughout my daily dealings, I have to admit that the Egyptian people proved after the revolution that they are united for their common dreams and hopes. They faced conspiracies that targeted their unity and cooperated to achieve the goals of the revolution.

The Egyptian Revolution to me proved that the power of the people and in particular the power of the youth is stronger than the people in power. We as Egyptians were inspired and surprised by their power, which gave them a further huge sense of responsibility toward their country.

A month after the revolution, I witnessed and took part in many development initiatives, created by young people and businessmen who believe they can make a real change to develop different sectors (Education, Health, Environment, etc ), targeted poverty and unemployment reduction through creating new job opportunities for Egyptian youth.

All of this was carried out by talented Egyptians who believed that Egypt could be one of the greatest, successful countries in the entire world.

When you find Egyptian people are cleaning the streets. When you find the Christians protecting the Muslims while they pray and Muslims protecting the church during the Christians feast. When you find most of Egyptian people donating part of their salaries to the development initiatives because they felt responsible and passionate about serving Egypt… This is the spirit of the Egyptian Revolution that has given us all pride and reunited all Egyptians under its flag.
Where am I in all of this? I’m a young man who is getting inspired by the Egyptian revolution.
Recently I become one of Global Change Makers and one of Youth Climate Ambassadors in Egypt. After the revolution, I felt a huge responsibility participate in rebuilding my country. I started working in a development initiative in Old Cairo (Ain Elseera), which is facing many environmental and health problems, as well as poverty and unemployment.

I’m responsible for the environmental sector and I’m trying to spread awareness about the environmental ethics and entrepreneurship through using innovative ways to engage the youth to develop their community by themselves.

Keen on giving more, I’m also the founder of U Turn Group, which is a youth advocacy Group in Cairo University. In this group I aim to teach the students different personal skills to enable them to find a good job (decreasing unemployment) and engage youth to get involved in volunteer work to develop our community.

My goal is to serve as many poor people as I can and make them able to find their missing rights through transferring knowledge and inspire them to live peaceful life and live as humans.

During all of this action I would like to send a message to the whole world on behalf of the Egyptian people:

Don’t be silent about your missing rights. Don’t wait someone to make the change. You are the change. Go Make it.


9 Responses to “Egyptian Spirit”

  1. Bravo omar so proud of you!and yaret all the Egyptian youth would think and act like you!and as i always say together we can make a difference!

    Posted by Kohar Garo Varjabedian | 22. April 2012, 09:40
  2. Thank you very Much Dr Kohar .. Yes Together we can make a difference !

    Posted by Omar Latif | 22. April 2012, 10:07
  3. omar realy you walk up my sprit towords the revolution

    Posted by fady wagdy segfrou | 22. April 2012, 19:45
  4. Very inspiring! I hope that Egypt continues to prosper. I also completely believe that young people can make a real change – just as you are demonstrating!

    Posted by Charlotte | 22. April 2012, 19:51
  5. Thank you very much guys , It’s just a beginning ;)

    Posted by Omar Latif | 22. April 2012, 19:57
  6. it’s the spirit that you show in this article that Egypt cannot do without, you will no doubt be at the forefront in building your country, you are an inspiration to me and no doubt to many others. A true ambassador of Islam and pray that you are able to seek the pleasure of Allah through your journey of making change.

    Posted by Rugena Ali (UK) | 25. April 2012, 16:56
  7. Thank you very much Rugena , Insha Allah I will do my best to serve my country and all the World .

    Posted by Omar Latif | 28. April 2012, 16:22
  8. Im writing a research paper in America about egyptian climate change and the revolution. I would love to speak or have an email conversation with you.

    Posted by jason | 2. May 2012, 19:57
  9. Thank you Jason For your message , I guess I can Help . You can contact me through my e-mail Omar.agri@gmail.com or we can contact through Facebook http://www.facebook.com/Omar.M.Latif , Looking forward talking to you soon .

    Posted by Omar Latif | 5. May 2012, 22:17

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