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Reviving agriculture, 10,000 gardens at a time!

Written by Amena Adel – International Youth Climate Ambassador


In late January 2013, Nawaya, DEMENA and 350 Cairo came together to restore the culture of agriculture in Egypt. With the river Nile streaming through its land, Egypt has been an agricultural land for centuries. Urbanization has taken a toll on the land, between building on agricultural land and farmers deserting their lands, Egypt has not only lost a huge part of its culture, but has also suffered from food insufficiency and economic crises.

Nawaya has been working on sustainable agriculture for a long time in Egypt and is now a part of the 10,000 gardens in Africa. The 10,000 gardens in Africa project is a Slow Food initiative which aims to revive the culture of agriculture as well as encourage food dependency and revitalizing the economy of small communities. Gardens have already started in schools around Africa, and it’s high time they start in Egypt.

Agriculture enthusiasts join Nawaya’s staff in an introduction to sustainable agriculture in Fagnoon. On the first day they learned about permaculture, its ethics and values and different techniques of garden design. They also practically experimented with various techniques like the 18-day compost, nurseries, herbal spirals and growing beds around the field. And on the second day, they experimented with the urban techniques of agriculture. They started out with making home composting like bucket composting, also using old plastic bottles for growing and bag gardening. Participants are excited about taking their knowledge and spreading them in schools around Egypt, and hopefully revive the long-lost culture of growing our own food.


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