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The Big Splash!

Written by Amena Adel – International Youth Climate Ambassador


We had the last DEMENA climate workshop in the beginning of March. The workshop was a compilation of all the experiences and the networks we had gained during out experience as DEMENA Climate Ambassadors, which is a lot. What was special about this one is that it had the best out of everything; the best venue, the best participants and the best facilitators.

Workshops would normally include sessions about Transportation, Agriculture, climate challenges, campaigning, leadership skills and solutions. The workshop was conducted in OASIS Community Club and Activity Center, which is a beautiful place, built using sustainable Architecture and building methods. It also experiments a lot with solar panels and –to my joy- some barn animals.

This workshop had two extra tracks, environmental justice and climate policy. Reem Labib and Mika Minio-Paluello from the Egyptian Initiative or Personal Rights (EIPR) delivered a session showing the social impacts of environmentally harmful practices on small local communities. They also discussed with the participants people’s rights to a clean Environment and a healthy way of living that would not result in today’s epidemics and global injustices.


The second track is Policy, which was delivered by Isabel Bottoms, English researcher and environmentalist, and Mostafa Medhat, Egyptian Environmentalist and AYCM coordinator. They explained to the participants all about the UNFCCC process, adaptation, and mitigation, where Egypt stands, and what future steps we can take to change the decisions that are being made to a more favorable position.

All in all, it was a very beneficial workshop, to the organizers as much as the participants. Now, what really made this one special is the fact that it ended with a splash when Rana and Merna the climate ambassadors jumped in the pool fully dressed!


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