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Thoughts on the wind of change

As a part of the Climate Ambassador scheme we have to learn and understand each other across the borders, as a part of that our friends from the Middle East had a presentation about the winds of change in the region at the moment; here are my thoughts:


When John F. Kennedy said his famous words: “Ich bin ein Berliner”, he meant that everyone in the free world supported the citizens of Berlin. Now, 50 years later, people around the world are proud to say: “I am an Egyptian.”

What makes us unique as human beings is the ability to feel empathy. Last night, a 100 people from around the world were sitting in cold Denmark but they all felt the warmth and the passion from the citizens of Tahir square.

Through personal stories, the scenes from the TV screens became real. Before she was one among many on a square; after last night she is a friend and a revolutionary.

Facebook, youtube and twitter was thanked but no matter how great these tools of communication are, they will never give the same emotional feeling, the goosebumps that I felt through hearing the personal stories last night. Last night we were all Egyptians.

Debates about the MIddle East has in the past focused on; authoritarianism, oppression and fear. Now the debates are about democracy, freedom and hope.

In Tunisia a young man said “Halas!”; now the youth from the Atlas mountains in Morocco to the busy streets of Tehran is saying “Halas!”

The audience last  night spoke about the future. Where are we going now? How can we help you? But some also warned that it is not over yet. In Yemen, Bahrain and Oman, people are in the streets fighting.

Dear Egyptians, Dear revolutionaries. Thank you for the inspiration, thank you for representing my generation.


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