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Climate Ambassadors

innovation developed ideas day & a cross cutting cultural session

Sunday the 6th of March 2011 was the most important active and innovative day in the climate ambassadors program,
yes we started the day with an energizer to wake the participants up by the beginning of the day so that like every day but we did not need any more energizing activities till the end of the day because it was active enough,

the day was full of ideas running before the time to brainstorm ideas of
- a campaign
- an innovation camp
- an institute
- a product
ideas were generated lots of them, represented, commented on from the other country and developed
as well the ideas were merged and finalized

during the evening between 08:00 to 10:00 there was a culture change session including the three countries,

the session started with some kind of shocking questions, after each question the participants get to choos between going to the right side which equals yes or to the left side and it equals no or stay in the middle, right after the questions were finished the discussion started for more than an hour and a half.

the discussion was followed by a small group gathering to discuss more points were not covered during the discussion.

that was very active open fruitfull day till now

over all there were some weaknesses need to be concidered before organizing such a similar event


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