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One more WWD/Egypt

one more water world day in Egypt to celebrate, the same amount of water Egypt is getting every year, and the population is getting bigger and bigger every day, with more challenges added to the Nile, dams are planed to be built the need of water is becoming higher for the Nile over viewing African countries,

just couple of months before the revolution Egypt has initiated “the Nile succor cup” we know how crucial the issue of water is for Egypt and we know what the Nile means to the Egyptians, Herodotus once said “The NILE is a gift for the Egyptians” basically the NILE = life in Egypt, the whole Egyptian seven thousand years of civilization were built around the great NILE, unfortunately now a days this major factor of life is not valued enough and not appreciated enough, that’s why events like “” http://www.worldwaterday.org/page/3482 “” take place to raise awareness of how to save, and treat water and that’s why there is a whole program in the ministry of water resources concerns the issue of “water ethics”

the problem of water is not exclusively Egyptian problem nor the great desert arena’s problem, we all remember what our colleague Yousra from Jordan said, Quoting from the Jordanian king’s speech “Jordan & Israel could go in war in only one condition, fighting over water” many other countries would be forced to do the same, the problem of water is not only mine or yours, it’s our problem, same idea like our friend Mahmoud Adopted and developed “it’s one humanity” and the problem of water is a human issue.

it’s time for us to change, it’s up to you and me, talk about it, practice it and live it “the water issue” it’s you, your future and next generation’s future


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