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“Chasing Ice” movie reveals the largest iceberg break-up ever filmed

It’s like watching ‘Manhattan breaking apart in front of your eyes’, says filmmaker James Balog.

James Balog is one of the authors of the documentary Chasing Ice. He has recorded the largest glacier break-up ever seen by man.

After weeks of waiting in the cold, he manages to capture with a camera how a glacier in Greenland with a size of 7.4 cubic kilometers of ice breaks and slides into the ocean. “Huge blocks of ice leap from the water, towering 180 meters and fall back with a bang, says Balog. This continues for 75 minutes.

The film, which last year was nominated for an Oscar, arrived now in Europe. The idea for it was born when frustrated by the distrust of Americans on the topic of global warming Balog, decided to show them what is happening to the glaciers around the world. Greenland is one of the best places for that – scientists estimate that the island is losing annually 142 billion tons of ice.

In October 2005. Balog visited a glacier in Iceland and did not believe what he saw only six months earlier. “Solheym” had moved back by much so that the photographer and his associates began to compare previous image to be sure that they are not on the wrong place.

Thus the idea for the Extreme Ice Survey (EIS) was born – with a help from the National Geographic Society of the USA 25 cameras were installed at remote locations in Iceland, Greenland, Alaska and Canada, where they will do one photo every hour of daylight hours over 3 years. The equipment will be periodically reviewed and recharged and the collected footage will be assembled in the video to see how the landscape is changing. But things don’t work out well – the equipment does not work because of the tough environment. At least 10 of the cameras did not start shooting at all, the rest stopped rather quickly.

When in 2007 the enthusiastic 22-year-old student from Stanford Jeff Orlowski joins in, the project was transformed into a documentary. Five years later Chasing Ice won the best documentary film on  Sundance film festival.

Besides being an experienced wildlife photographer, the 60 years old Balog is a Master in Geomorphology of mountain environments and has traveled throughout the Himalayas, the Andes and the Alps. At one point he realized that the images of nature are much more compelling when the human or the consequences of his activities are included.

Today EIS project is growing – 34 cameras are positioned in 16 places around the world (at one point they were even 48). “The idea was to end up the project after three years, but I do not think we can stop it now. We now possess this extraordinary historical document and the longer we record, the stronger it gets.”




TEDxDeadSea – Abdel Rahman AlZorgan – Start with Yourself

Public Spaces in Egypt

It started many years ago when the people first lost ownership of their public spaces, as people were focusing on their own daily life problems .The youth created their own spaces where they could talk, express their own feelings, problems, share and exchange. Finally when all of these people wanted to unite and create a form of actions they went to Tahrir Square and they made their own revolution. (more…)

innovation developed ideas day & a cross cutting cultural session

Sunday the 6th of March 2011 was the most important active and innovative day in the climate ambassadors program,
yes we started the day with an energizer to wake the participants up by the beginning of the day so that like every day but we did not need any more energizing activities till the end of the day because it was active enough, (more…)

Podcast: Youth from Egypt and Jordan debate about the revolution wave in the Middle East

Revolution Wave in the Middle East by stefanstraten

Youth from Egypt and Jordan discuss the revolution wave in the Middle East.

The participants from Egypt and Jordan are all youth leaders and work with the organization of youth and social change in their communities. They are in Denmark with young Danes to undergo training as climate ambassadors in collaboration with Crossing Borders, the Green Think Tank CONCITO, Wadi Environmental Science Centre in Egypt and Masar Center in Jordan.


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