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One more WWD/Egypt

one more water world day in Egypt to celebrate, the same amount of water Egypt is getting every year, and the population is getting bigger and bigger every day, with more challenges added to the Nile, dams are planed to be built the need of water is becoming higher for the Nile over viewing African countries, (more…)

innovation developed ideas day & a cross cutting cultural session

Sunday the 6th of March 2011 was the most important active and innovative day in the climate ambassadors program,
yes we started the day with an energizer to wake the participants up by the beginning of the day so that like every day but we did not need any more energizing activities till the end of the day because it was active enough, (more…)

Thoughts on the wind of change

As a part of the Climate Ambassador scheme we have to learn and understand each other across the borders, as a part of that our friends from the Middle East had a presentation about the winds of change in the region at the moment; here are my thoughts: (more…)

Arab Partners – capacity and experience in the field

The Arab partners comprise Wadi Environmental Science Centre in Egypt and Masar Center in Jordan. (more…)

Danish Partners – capacity and experience in the field

CROSSING BORDERS (CB) provides impartial dialogue space and enabling skills training for youth, media people and educators to participate actively in the development processes of their societies. Crossing Borders started as a project in 1999 in Denmark in support of meaningful dialogue among youth in the Middle East. (more…)


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