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innovation developed ideas day & a cross cutting cultural session

Sunday the 6th of March 2011 was the most important active and innovative day in the climate ambassadors program,
yes we started the day with an energizer to wake the participants up by the beginning of the day so that like every day but we did not need any more energizing activities till the end of the day because it was active enough, (more…)

Revolution waves in Krogerup

The second night on March 2011 in Krogerup it was hestorical night full with emotions,strength and union .All of people from Different countries ,culture and religons gather in small hall under huge title ( WE ARE SO PROUD OF EGYPTIONS) .

Egyption panelists took us to AL-Tahrir square ,we live there becuase each one told us about her/his story through revolution days.

Jordanian panalists talked about main economic and social problems in Jordan.

“We are not stupid”  that what Suzan from jodan said , that mean Arab world have youth,power,culture,civilization and others acceptance so they can make change and get better.

Nora from Tunis ,was with audiance then suddnly became one of panelists ,she told us about the tounishian revolution from A to Z.

Podcast: Youth from Egypt and Jordan debate about the revolution wave in the Middle East

Revolution Wave in the Middle East by stefanstraten

Youth from Egypt and Jordan discuss the revolution wave in the Middle East.

The participants from Egypt and Jordan are all youth leaders and work with the organization of youth and social change in their communities. They are in Denmark with young Danes to undergo training as climate ambassadors in collaboration with Crossing Borders, the Green Think Tank CONCITO, Wadi Environmental Science Centre in Egypt and Masar Center in Jordan.

March 2nd 2011

March 2, 2011 we had a special night, we had a debate about the main issue in the Middle East which is revolution in Arab countries.

There were people from all over the world, international and Danish students form this school and gests with different backgrounds from all over Denmark.

Revolutionary Insights

After the Egyptian revolution has succeeded in amazing and inspiring the entire world, it only made sense to organize a session for the Egyptian and Jordanian Climate Ambassadors at Krogerup Højskole in Denmark for them to share their experiences and regarding the revolution and Egypt’s future. (more…)

The 2nd of March

The night of the 2nd of March was a very inspiring and emotional one. The school had arranged for a panel discussion ,with journalists and people from inside and outside the school, regarding the revolution wave in the Middle East. The panel constituted of young people from Egypt and Jordan. (more…)


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