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Climate Ambassadors as role models

The strategy behind the Climate Ambassadors is based on a capacity building programme, which seeks to equip and strengthen the capacity of young people to become trainers, youth leaders and role models, through a peer to peer training and network. (more…)

Ambitions and capacity to promote Arab-Danish dialogue

All partners share the core ambitions to contribute to combating the negative effects of climate change through training and innovation and furthermore to use climate challenges and solutions as a platform for Danish-Arab dialogue and cooperation. CB has a strong portfolio of partners in the MENA region and youth training experiences, which will be its strongest asset in this project – as dialogue, media and youth training is the core CB activities and project experience.

CONCITO adds its strong climate expertise and network and not the least, the climate embassy concept and experience. In close collaboration with highly qualified MENA organisations, all partners complement each other with their comparative knowledge domains and experiences in networking, dialogue and cross cultural activities.

Arab Partners – capacity and experience in the field

The Arab partners comprise Wadi Environmental Science Centre in Egypt and Masar Center in Jordan. (more…)

Danish Partners – capacity and experience in the field

CROSSING BORDERS (CB) provides impartial dialogue space and enabling skills training for youth, media people and educators to participate actively in the development processes of their societies. Crossing Borders started as a project in 1999 in Denmark in support of meaningful dialogue among youth in the Middle East. (more…)


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