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Promoting the innovation cup at University of Mu’tah.

To promote the innovation cup, Shaima, Ehab, Edvard and I went to the civil engineers science fair at the Univesity of Mu’tah. All the master students where presenting there final projects to ministers, professors and students. After talking to the head of the department, we got a spot in the middle of the fair to promote the IC. It’s difficult to say, whether the immense attention was based on interests of the IC, or the fact that two random Europeans attended the event. One thing is for sure; trough interaction with students, professors and friends the word of DEMENA was spread indeed. Edvard was endlessly smiling at the camera together with random people, the camera was burning in the hands of Ehab, Shaima wasn’t silent for a minute, while telling people of the IC and I was part of all of the above.
All the projects had focus on different areas, but it was thrilling to see that several projects were focused on solving issues caused by climate changes. None of them were new to us, but some tried to lower the amount of electricity at the university, some to preserve the groundwater and others had just build an engine. When leaving the event we had no more flyers and several were very interested in participating in the IC.
Shaima had invited us to her beautiful house near Karak for stuffed vegetables and chicken with rice. Next day a man blamed her for not making mansaf for us. Though we haven’t had it yet, I cannot count on my hands how many times we’ve been invited for mansaf, the hospitality here is overwhelming!

Welcome to Jordan

The cultural experiences of Danish Climate Ambassadors traveling to the Middle-East.


Egyptian Spirit

Over a year has passed since one of the biggest achievement in Egypt´s modern history: the Egyptian Revolution, which inspired people all around the world.

After 30 years of Silence, Injustice, Oppression, I witnessed the Egyptian People who stood together – asking for their rights and seeking justice.

Throughout my daily dealings, I have to admit that the Egyptian people proved after the revolution that they are united for their common dreams and hopes. They faced conspiracies that targeted their unity and cooperated to achieve the goals of the revolution. (more…)

Nuclear power

It has been said that the nuclear power is a clean source of energy. And it’s useful for our time as an alternative to fossil fuel. A lot of pro-nuclear people has been said that for long time. So is that true? (more…)

Sustainability in Danish

Finally, it is time for the Global Studies at Krogerup Højskole’s study tour which has been planned since the start of the semester. The topic is sustainability, and for almost two weeks the 20 international students (including one Dane) will travel around Denmark, visiting places promoting more sustainable development – both on a small and a large scale. (more…)

wastewater treatment plant in Zarqa- Jordan


Permaculture Design Course in Jordan


Climate Ambassadores

Climate Ambassadores packing to catch up there plans to fly all the way to Jordan and Egypt. I am leaving Denmark but holding with me skills knwledge , experiance and the enthusiaum to start we have planned for it during the last 13 days.

YCA meeting all of you was great keep the spirite up and for sure see all of soon its one small world :)

Public Spaces in Egypt

It started many years ago when the people first lost ownership of their public spaces, as people were focusing on their own daily life problems .The youth created their own spaces where they could talk, express their own feelings, problems, share and exchange. Finally when all of these people wanted to unite and create a form of actions they went to Tahrir Square and they made their own revolution. (more…)

Green Ban in Malaysia!



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