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A tiny country with a huge footprint

According to the World Wildlife Fund Denmark is in the top 5 countries consuming the most of Earth’s natural resources compared to the amount of renewable resources used. [Link]


Appreciating the Danish “summer”

Du danske sommer, jeg elsker dig, skønt du så ofte har sveget mig.

This is the initial lyrics of a Danish song praising the Danish summer. Directly translated it goes something like:

Danish summer, I love you, though you often have betrayed me.

Despite its age (the text is from 1923), the weather doesn’t seem to have changed during the years; still we see days of clear skies and sunshine followed by days of cloudy weather and rain. Especially the latter has been the case this year, but unlike many Danes who flees to southern climes – or wish  they did – I am, if not enjoying, then appreciating the rainy weather. After a couple of months in one of the driest parts on earth, I have understood how important and life-giving the drops from heaven are. Not that I do not enjoy and prefer sunshine – alas I do – I just find it difficult to complain about the blessing of a resource that large parts of the world’s population are in deep scarcity of. Of course rain can also have a damaging effect causing flooding, but in Denmark it has largely been pouring silently (and peacefully) down (save one day in the beginning of July when a cloudburst hit Copenhagen and large parts of Sealand causing several damages and one fatality).

Dear Danes, please don’t hate the Danish summer weather too much. Rain is life-giving and without it you wouldn’t have the lush green scenery outside your window, clean drinking water in your tap or fresh vegetables in the garden. Instead you can pray that others will likewise be blessed by the invigorating drops from above.

Thoughts on the wind of change

As a part of the Climate Ambassador scheme we have to learn and understand each other across the borders, as a part of that our friends from the Middle East had a presentation about the winds of change in the region at the moment; here are my thoughts: (more…)

Danish Partners – capacity and experience in the field

CROSSING BORDERS (CB) provides impartial dialogue space and enabling skills training for youth, media people and educators to participate actively in the development processes of their societies. Crossing Borders started as a project in 1999 in Denmark in support of meaningful dialogue among youth in the Middle East. (more…)


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