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Promoting the innovation cup at University of Mu’tah.

To promote the innovation cup, Shaima, Ehab, Edvard and I went to the civil engineers science fair at the Univesity of Mu’tah. All the master students where presenting there final projects to ministers, professors and students. After talking to the head of the department, we got a spot in the middle of the fair to promote the IC. It’s difficult to say, whether the immense attention was based on interests of the IC, or the fact that two random Europeans attended the event. One thing is for sure; trough interaction with students, professors and friends the word of DEMENA was spread indeed. Edvard was endlessly smiling at the camera together with random people, the camera was burning in the hands of Ehab, Shaima wasn’t silent for a minute, while telling people of the IC and I was part of all of the above.
All the projects had focus on different areas, but it was thrilling to see that several projects were focused on solving issues caused by climate changes. None of them were new to us, but some tried to lower the amount of electricity at the university, some to preserve the groundwater and others had just build an engine. When leaving the event we had no more flyers and several were very interested in participating in the IC.
Shaima had invited us to her beautiful house near Karak for stuffed vegetables and chicken with rice. Next day a man blamed her for not making mansaf for us. Though we haven’t had it yet, I cannot count on my hands how many times we’ve been invited for mansaf, the hospitality here is overwhelming!

Welcome to Jordan

The cultural experiences of Danish Climate Ambassadors traveling to the Middle-East.



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