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Danish Ambassador Profiles:

Christina Olesen, Social Educator from University College Copenhagen

Coming from a family aware of environment and nature, I learned at an early age about my own impact on nature and my responsibilities towards it. My education as a social educator has taught me how big an impact the early experiences of children have on their developmentand future behavior. By teaching children about nature and sustainability I hope to create a foundation for future awareness and knowledge.

It is my belief that in order to make change it is vital to include the children; it is easy for a child to learn new behavior but hard to change old habits of adults.

Kristina V. Lorenzen, 25 years old, studied Designtekonolog – Purchasing Management at TEKO- DK.

In 2007 I studied in Egypt, Alexandria for 1½ year and during my time there I gained alot of knowledge ,understanding and interest in the different cultures I met exploring every corner of Egypt. I returned home as a completely different person. In 2012 I finished my studies at Teko in Herning where I studied Purchasing management where I laid my focus on Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) which is something I live by every day. I wish to help our suppliers in the 3rd world to change their bad habits in destroying the environment and the sustainability in the product they produces for countries like Denmark. As well as helping the Danish buyers thinking about sustainability in their work.

I strongly believe that CSR is a concept that is there to stay and not just a fad. CSR has over the past years been widely used in industry all over the world. And that is because the consumers have become more conscious about how a company produces their products and what conditions they are produced under. This mean that in the future we will all be forced to think more about sustainability, I’m participating in Demena Climate Ambassadors because I want people to do more than just think.

Camilla Holm-Jensen – have a Master in International Development and Public Administration from Roskilde University.

There is a strong need that we engage and act actively towards the climate challenges facing us. At the same time, the global nature of the climate challenges, require not only local, but global action. Therefore inter-country and regional coordination and cooperation is highly needed and should be based upon a shared responsibility across borders of any kinds. Furthermore information, training and education is key to understanding the challenges in depth, to know how we in the best way approach and meet these challenges on a global level.
After having spent the last nine months in Jerusalem, my interest and understanding of the MENA region has grown, and so have my belief and trust in our shared values and beliefs in the best for every human kind. Therefore, I also believe that the climate ambassadors can work to be a catalyzer for change by mobilizing people and creating a broader and better understanding of the climate and generate new ways and approaches for how we in the best way can work to create positive changes to the benefit of people all around the world.

Valdemar Frederik Arborg Fog, 23 years old, studying law at the University of Copenhagen

While this is my first experience participating directly in climate oriented work, I’ve always been an ardent side-line supporter. Every single one of us is in some way marked by the challenges that’s already taking such a great toll elsewhere. I’ve witnessed first hand the effect of severe drought on a small community, and the devastation not only in terms of economic depression, but cost in human lives as well. We can choose to lean back and expect the governments to reform, businesses to conform to new standards and the international community eventually recognizing the severity of the issues at hand; or we can choose to take action in whatever small way we can. Reform from the bottom up, change consumption habits and be weary of waste and inefficiency. Micro-environmentalism

This is not only a matter of changing the mentality of the western consumer, we need to build cross-cultural networks to tackle the issues head on. The Arabic world is fast becoming not only net-exporters of energy, but in spite of massive income inequality, also modern consumer societies. With immense potential for alternative energy production remaining mostly neglected, the focus has yet to shift from fossil-fuel based economies. Desertification and heavy pollution on the rise, perpetual population growth and increased demands for goods and services all point to much needed action.
The Demena Climate Ambassador programme seems to provide just such a platform, and I’m excited at the opportunity to take part.


Soorat Jamshidi, 27 years old, has a Bachelor in social sciences specializing in Psychology and work-life/work environment.

Knowledge and information is the key to a better life, the more knowledge you have, the more you know what to change. The world keeps changing in every way. In the past few decades we have witnessed wars, watched countries invaded with people having to leave their homes. We have also witnessed an array of natural disasters around the world such as the tsunami in Thailand and the earthquake in Haiti where people lose their homes, families and friends due to climate change. The climate change is in large part due to bad decisions made by leaders. The question is; who has the responsibility for these changes in the world? Is it the governments or the people? The answer is short, because if people care and have the right knowledge about the impact of their actions and care about our world, then we can make a difference not only for ourselves but for people around the world (and for future generations?)

I care about people and about our world –that is why I am participating in Demena Climate Ambassadors and looking forward to gaining a better understanding in climate change.

Nina Rasmussen studies Development and International Relations at Aalborg University

For me climate change concerns every individual on earth. I believe that it is important for people to take a moral stance in relation to climate change – if you yourself can make any change you should. I myself have been dumpster diving since 2009 and this has given me the chance to experience how much food is going to waste. In order to deal with this problem it is important that politicians are made aware of it for the benefit of agriculture, climate and the sustainability of the earth.

I am on my 8th semester at Aalborg University Copenhagen, studying a master in Development and International Relations with a specialisation in Global Refugee Studies. Climate change has immense implications for people in different parts of the world, especially the developing countries, and is very much linked to displacement. I find this a very interesting and substantial problematic.

I find ”DEMENA Climate Ambassadors” a great opportunity to get some more insight on the problem of climate change through both the workshops, the fieldtrips as well as the lectures. Moreover, I hope that it will give me the chance to work with the issue together with others in a more concrete and personal way, in order to balance my theoretical knowledge on the subject. Lastly, I look forward to meeting people from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

Marnus du Toit is 32 years old and a 2nd year student at Aarhus University, BSc. Global Management and Manufacturing Engineer.

Background in climate related activities: I first became aware of the complexity regarding climate change when I took part in a series of workshops, Change Lab – Survival Academy during COP 15 in 2009. It was here that I first learned that climate change is not someone else’s problem and it raised the question; what if we are the solution? Through this course it became apparent that the actions we and others take will determine which future unfolds and that more than one future is possible. We can create the future into which we are living, as opposed to merely reacting to it when we get there.

In my current studies have I laid my focus on Environment Management Systems and Corporate Social Responsibility as well as cross cultural behavior. I am also taking part in the Business Strategies for Sustainable Development Program being held in Norway the end of March 2012. We are 29 students from universities from across Scandinavia and the Baltic Countries that will work together in multi-cultural teams to address the issue of sustainable development. Read More.

Edvard Lucius Tramsen, studying Business Development Engineer at AU – HiH

In my life I highly value my relationships with others and I strongly believe in helping to improve living conditions for anyone, who has a desire for it. After finishing gymnasium in a boarding school I was working and volunteering with Greenpeace in Copenhagen. I then joined one of my colleagues for a trip through South-East Asia for a couple of months – she went home and I decided to continue the journey. Eventually I ended up working in Melbourne for a Marketing company with various charities like Red Cross, Mission Australia and Oxfam. Meanwhile I had a chance to meet a broad diversity of travelers while exploring the country.

Returning home I looked for an education that was likely to bring me around the world while being both internationally oriented and focused on subjects I find intriguing, I started out with International Communication and Multimedia, but have now switched to Business Development Engineer both in the city of Herning. I’m currently living in their international campus Birk and enjoy a multicultural lifestyle.

Emilie Dipo Zimmermann, 23 years old, has a BA in International Development Studies and Philosophy & Theory of Science.

In 2007 I participated in an educational project in India and during this experience I gained much personal understanding and interest in the different culture that India is. Ever since I have been exploring more continents and taken great pleasure in every cultural meeting I have had. I consider a cross-cultural meeting and dialog as most indispensable. Therefore I have engaged myself in NGO-initiatives for the last five years and educate myself with the same purpose. I have worked on an integration project under the administration of Betty Nansen Theatre where I participated in establishing a stage play with teenagers involved. Furthermore am I a volunteer at Kongelunden Asylum Centre. At the centre I create events for children along with other volunteers. Read more.

Frederik Carl Felding is 21 years old and 1st year student at Lund University, Bachelor in Development Studies

Working as a volunteer through MS ActionAid in Himachal Pradesh, India in 2008 opened my eyes and interest towards the world. Continuing as a volunteer in Denmark with MS ActionAid and the international youth network Activista I learned the power of youth activism and collaboration across borders. Inspired I became the cofounder of Project Dinadona. A small project of adapting to climate change and the profound issues of water shortage in Uganda. I worked with the fundraising and implementation of the water and sanitation program (http://africasupport.dk).

In 2009 I volunteered and were later hired by the UNICEF headquarter for the Unite for Climate project and my focus of interest, became more directed towards climate change. Read more.

Inge-Merete Hougaard is 24 years old and has a bachelor degree in International Development Studies and Public Administration from Roskilde University

Throughout my studies I have worked with climate change related issues, and it has grown to be my main interest of study. Climate changes are not only the consequence of past and present human activity; they are also bound to shape human activity in the future. For this reason I believe that knowledge sharing, information and international cooperation are (some of the) keywords for our and future generations.

I have earlier been involved in voluntary activities in sports clubs, in student councils, at a Danish magazine and in a fair trade café/second hand shop. Moreover, I have worked voluntarily with education of street children in India and Peru. Read more.

Jacob Høgh is 26 years old and a graduate student in environmental science, policy and management.

I have focused my studies on climate change mitigation measures ranging from biomass and wind energy in China and hydropower in Laos to CO2 emissions from cars in Denmark.

I’ve done volunteer work as a mentor in Copenhagen and CONCITO’s education of Children Climate Change Ambassadors. This experience encouraged me to keep working on a voluntary basis together with like-minded young people to combat climate change through a creative approach.

I’m keen on the idea of using my educational skills in youth activism. This will be a great way to utilise my knowledge in real life rather than for writing reports that only my professors will read. Read More.

Eva Theil is 22 years ols and a 1st year student at Lund University, Bachelor in Development Studies

I completed high school at the Red Cross Nordic United World College in Western Norway, an international school aimed at fostering international understanding and tolerance. As students, we were trained in youth leadership and in addressing global issues in a range of ways, involving large elements of student-initiated activism and fundraising.

Since the autumn of 2009, I have been involved in CONCITO’s Climate Embassy, through which, I as a climate ambassador have been giving presentations to school kids aged 10-14 on issues of climate change with focus on spreading awareness and providing tools for the children to address the subject on a daily basis as a part of their everyday life. Read More.

Mads Qvist Frederiksen is 25 years old, has a BA Journalism and Contemporary History, and is currently studying a MA in Middle East Studies.

As a scout for more than a decade I have learned the importance of our nature and our influence on the climate. I was active for several years in youth politics at the time when the “environment” became a more and more important factor in politics. In 2005 I went on a climate related youth expedition with SOI (Students on Ice) to Iceland, Greenland and Canada where I saw the effects of climate change.

I am currently studying Middle East studies and I have travelled and lived in many countries in the region. I often fear that all the work we in Europe do for the environment is wasted if not everyone in the
world does something. Poverty and pollution is more connected than people think.

I am a travelling book geek with a constant need to learn a random fact everyday.

Pia L. Axelsen is 32 years old, has a BA in International Social Work and is currently studying a MA in International Studies.

I have always had a keen interest in the world and its people, thus I have also travelled extensively on various continents. When I was studying International Social Work my interest in people’s living conditions increased and having had this as a core interest ever since it has not only been natural but also inevitable for me to look deeper into how climate changes affects people’ living conditions throughout the world.

Being a social worker I have experience in working both directly with (young) people as well as at a more administrative level. Also I have experience as a teacher and currently I work with building up partnerships within EU’s Youth in Action Program, some relating to environmental issues.

I have chosen to join the climate ambassador team as I cannot think of a better and more meaningful thing to do for myself, my children, my friends and family, fellow human beings throughout the world and Mother Earth herself.


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