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Egyptian Ambassador Profiles:

Amena Adel Ameen Sharaf

I’m 18 years old. I don’t believe in astrology. I’m a Law Student of a workaholic nature aiming for Environmental Law. I am also an aspiring environmentalist and occasional animal rights activist. I hate consumerism and firmly believe in people’s power. I find psychology very interesting. I love reading psychological thrillers that would end up giving me nightmares; dramas and I occasionally pick up a book of a philosophical nature. I think blogging has become the only form of free journalism in a capitalistic world. I appreciate good company and a good laugh. Cheers.

Tayseer Khairy

Tayseer is Community architect, graduated from school of architecture in 2002. In addition to practicing architectural design she also takes a keen interest in sustainable development. Tayseer is currently:
 Member of EECA, Egyptian Earth Construction Association since 2008 , board member since 2010 .
 Associate at URBANICS for Sustainable Natural & Built Environment .
 International Climate Ambassadors 2011/2012.
 Green Arm Member, Environmental initiaive in Egypt.
 Mosiac Alumni 2011, leadership programe founded by the Prince of Wales.
Finally, Tayseer is looking forward any chances that has great influence on community.

Nermeen Yousri

I’m Nermeen Yousri, 23 years old. I studied Biotechnology, and now work as a Research Assistant at the Cancer Biology Research Lab, at Cairo University, Egypt. I like reading and traveling, and my greatest passion is science and of course activism! All kinds of activism, political, environmental, etc. Although during this past year, I learned that everything goes back to politics, even environmental problems. I enjoy traveling, and getting to know different cultures. It’s amazing how similar we can all seem at the end. I’ve been to exchange programs in France, Syria, U.S, and Russia, and every country, and every culture, and every people has taught me something new I’ve been trying to be environmentally active for about 3 years now. When I first learned about environmental problems in Egypt, like the black cloud, pollution of the drinking water, desertification, and of course global warming which has dramatically negative effects on every aspect of life, especially agriculture, and Egypt being an agricultural civilization, it’s a matter of national security.. I hope I can help make more people realize that. I’d talk more about the effects of GW on other aspects of life but there’s no enough space so will get back to that later I’m passionate, dreamer, bohemian, and consistent.

Mohammad Yahia

My name is Mohamed Yahia, I am 21. I studied biotechnology in the Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University. Through my study I noticed a lot of changes appeared lately in the living creatures including humans, and many diseases evolved that is why I am interested in the environmental issues and climate change because I believe that these changes happened due to human activities and reckless development. Also I am interested in hiking, discovering new places and knowing new people and their interests. Rock and thrash metal are my favorite music, METALLICA is my favorite band, I like it when they say “forever trust who we are and nothing else matters”, and because of that, what we really should care about who we are, not who the others want us to be. Learning new things is my passion. So I believe that everything happens for a reason, so everything is experience for me, my favorite quote: “you never try, you never know“, my frequently used words “Cool” and “Dude”

Mohamed Bahaa Noaman

Age: 24 - Profession: Business Analyst - Living in: Cairo, Egypt
Studied Electronics Engineering at the German University in Cairo graduated this year and currently working in Siemens Egypt as a Business Analyst. Monitoring and analyzing Siemens’ business here in Egypt with its wide portfolio in Energy, Industry and Healthcare gives me a good experience and knowledge in the Egyptian economy, society and environment. I believe that technology should be utilized wisely and efficiently in accordance with our environment. My future plan is to focus on the Renewable Energy sector, the future of global economy and one of the main solutions to stop climate change.
Joining DEMENA youth climate ambassadors program is literally my first time to participate in an activity that is not related to my studies or professional work.
I like to go jogging, cycling, reading, playing football, swimming, camping, and travelling and to meet new people with different backgrounds and cultures.

Hossam Ossama

Hossam Ossama, current student at Geology school, Cairo University. My current job is Sales Manager at iCAN for IT Services and Marketing Solutions. I am interested in climate change and studied some classes related to climate change at Calpoly Pomona University in California. I believe in the power of people in controlling the climate change not the governments.

Menna Tullah is 20 years old and Majoring in Public Relations and Advertising, Cairo University.

Youth Activities: Member of Namaa’ Initiative for Sustainable development.

Namaa’ is youth based volunteering initiative, established under the auspices of Nahdet El Mahrousa NGO, Cairo University, and Konrad Adenaur institution. Its main activities are:

1. A summer school for sustainable development. It encompasses interactive lectures, field trips, and workshops related to the different pillars of development [Economics, Education, Media, etc.] and mapping Egypt politically, economically, socially, and from a civil society perspective. 2. Different workshops. 3. Salon Tawasol. A platform that brings different people together discussing books, issues, recent events, etc. Read More.

Omar Mohamed Mohamed Abdelatif is 20 years old and is an undergraduate student at Faculty of Agriculture (English section), Cairo university.

Most of his studies are in Agriculture Environment, Community Development, Agriculture Resources and Ecology.

Recently, Omar has been selected as one of Youth ambassadors in MDGs (Millennium Development Goals) Project. His task in the project is on the effect of the climate change on the Food security and Land Usage.

Omar Worked in USAID- MUCIA Project related to Community Development for three months as a program assistant. Recently his College selected him to represent the college in UNDP – Cairo University. He has a wide experience in volunteer work through participating in WESC Organization, Hanns Siedel Foundation and Resalah and British Coucil as a volunteer. Read More.

Omnia Amr Abbas is 23 years old, BSc Biology, minors Chemistry and Environmental Sciences, American University in Cairo, June 08.

I became interested in environmental issues in 2006 and joined, then later became president of, the Environmental Awareness Association at the AUC. At the time, this was the only environmental club at the university and we hosted a variation of events ranging from movie screenings, seminars and ecologically relevant trips.

As a senior, I interned at the Mediterranean Centre for Sustainable Development. During the internship, I co-ordinated their summer camp about Sustainability for kids ranging between 10-18 years old. I was then employed by UNIDO (United Nations Industrial Development Organization) as their Energy and Environment Consultant and participated and organized meetings on Climate Change, Sustainable Development and topics of relevance to the environment and investment promotion. Read More.

Samah Hesham Abaza is 28 years old, BSc Pharmaceutical Sciences, Cairo University

I worked for one year after graduation in the field of pharmacy then I became interested in Development, I have a history of volunteerism throughout my college years in different charity and developmental institutions that worked on developing soft skills for youth and young adults.  In the year of 2005 I joined WESC to explore the field of environmental education and I’ve been working in the environmental field since then, focusing mostly on environmental education to introduce and expose students to their natural environment by teaching and integrating environmental concepts within their science curricula using a completely cooperative, collaborative, hands on and inquiry-based teaching method.

I’m currently contracted by WESC as the National Project Coordinator for this project… Read More.

Sara El Sayed, 30 years of age with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology with a focus on environmental studies.

I have been involved on Environmental issues in one way or another since University, from working as an Eco-guide or as an environmental science educator. Working at WESC have have delved in many topics from teaching about Biodiversity, to Water issues and more recently having a focus on Climate Change. Have been responsible with the WESC team to organize a couple of events linked to Climate change and creating educational aids to go with them.

Interest in the project to really be able to create a strong and meaningful movement of young people in Egypt knowledgeable and able to mitigate change in the coming future, which will require many motivated, knowledgeable and strong minded individuals in order to salvage our Earth.
I am a very motivated and driven person and is very hopeful that we can achieve change.

Mohamed Berry is 24 years old and is Post Graduate, Solar Energy Diploma 10/2010, Physics Department, Ain Shams University.

I believe that the human being is the axis of all what is happening on earth either development or disasters. So, the interest towards developing the quality of human beings greatly and positively helps solving problems such as the climate change. That is what I’ve learnt and have been doing in my years of work in Sekem Environmental Science Center (SESC) as coordinator and trainer, building and raising the awareness of the school students and teachers through hands-on and outdoor activities and helping them to learn how to think scientifically, discovering the surrounding environment, reading it, and also satisfying their needs without affecting negatively on the environment.

My special field of interests: the energy and energy efficiency, Agriculture, education and public awareness. Read More.

Mustafa Hussein Muhammad is 28 years old and has been studying Education, Information Technology, and Library Science at Al Azhar University, Cairo.

Lately I have been working in one of the African Technology for Policy Studies network climate change projects in Egypt “Sensitizing and Building the Capacity of Women towards Climate Change Consequences in Northern Lakes of Egypt” with AID ME (Academy for International Development Middle East) as a research assistant.

Previously I was working for AKDN (Aga Khan Development Network-Egypt), last position was career counselor in the field of training and employment after I spent six years in Vocational Training at the same agency in Historic Cairo.

As well I am part of the Solar Cities project, connecting community catalysts to train and capacity building of how to build solar heater water systems using local and recycled materials… Read more.


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