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Jordanian Ambassador Profiles

Ehabiddine Jayyousi, 24,

Ehabiddine Jayyousi is an environmentalist who is genuinely interested and working on spreading environmental awareness in Jordan and the region. He studied water and environmental engineering and is currently working on creating a new model of en eco-village which will serve social and educational interests.



Aseel Rhahleh, 16

Aseel Rhahleh lives in east Amman is the youngest ambassador in Masar’s network of activists. She has led awareness campaigns in her school and neighborhood, and is very enthusiastic to make her first ever trip outside Jordan. She likes swimming, reading and wants to be a doctor. Aseel has also done volunteering work on recycling.



Sawsan Halawah

Sawsan Halawah has five years of extensive study of chemical engineering inspired her to undertake a greater challenge by designing a biogas plant through my graduation project and taking most of the elective courses that were related to environment issues such as: water treatment, air pollution, energy management…etc. From these, she has learned a lot about the global problems, and those we face in Jordan.  Also, she realized how environmental issues affect our lives economically, socially and politically.

Zein Nsheiwat

Zein Nsheiwat is an environmental activist at Masar Center and co-founded Green Echo, an environmental  initiative under the umbrella of Masar. She is also a cross-cultural academic educator. Zein is interested in education, awareness raising, and water issues.



Shaima Malahmeh, 24

Shaima Malahmeh is a civil engineer/water and environment. She lives in the southern city ok Karak, and is working as part-time science researcher. She is passionate about cooking, reading, and of, course, volunteering for environmental projects and initiatives.



Yara Daibes, 30

Yara Daibes is an environmental activist who, besides this, has photography as another passion. She like to volunteer and do outdoor sports. Yara works at the Municipality of Amman at the environmental planning and studies department. She dreams to become the mayor of Amman.



Mohammad Ibrahim Daher is 24 years old and has a Master’s degree in Construction Management from the University of Reading, UK in 2010

Throughout my master’s degree there was a major focus on sustainable development and sustainability. I had an “Environmental Engineering” module which focused on sustainability in construction and methods to reduce the impact of construction on the environment including climate change. My master’s degree dissertation was titled “Comparing green structures with different thermal efficiency designs in Jordan”.

In my dissertation I have examined and determined the investment and operation costs of different thermal efficiency designs, and the mechanical heating required for them. Investment and operation costs for green building practices in a building were also determined. And the payback period and the return of investment of implementing these green practices are calculated. The carbon footprints of each of the different cases were also determined and compared. Read more.

Yosra Mustafa Suliman Albakkar is 24

Recently I joined an International group (from USA, UR,And The Middle East) to study environment and related issues, I volunteered in a course to teach about climate change in Jordanian schools because I feel responsible in increasing the awareness of students toward this problem.

I am interested in any program that can help me develop my career and increase my awareness about the climate change and how I can take part of resolving this issue.


Mai Hatem Mohammad Sabbah is 22 years old and has a  B.Sc. in Agricultural engineering – Water management and environment, Hashemite Uni.

I participated in Crossroad youth exchange to Canary Islands last year.

I’m highly interested in Environmental and social issues, environmental Impacts assessment, youth activities, and Speleology (Caves and Tunnels). in addition the Climate change is one of the most important environmental issues in the wide world so I think all communities  must have more information and awareness about this subject.

I think my own knowledge specially in the environmental fields which I gained from my study and my personality and my respect for religions and  other nationalities will help me to go friendly with others.

Ashraf Al-Shorman is 24 years old

Youth Activities: I have been involved as a volunteer at Masar Centre for about four years. My involvement was working with youth in Northern Jordan on issues related to community development, capacity building in the field of IT and social work.

I have the openness and willingness to learn things that guide me to the success in my career.

I avoid risks as much as i can and do the planning for any future steps.

I also think I have an open mind acceptable of the ‘other’ and willing to extend help to others around me.

Majd Soudah is 21 years old and studying Industrial Engineering in the German Jordanian University.

I am interested in developing technical, soft, and cultural skills in this project, and I am also interested to know more about the climate issues that the world is facing these days, and how can I be effective in preventing these issues of becoming more dangerous on my country and the world.

I am self-motivated, competitive, and I am eager to explore and learn new things.



Raghad Al-Shareedah is 29 years old and has a Bachelor degree in English Literature

Youth activities: Enjaz Program in the University of Jordan. It gave me the opportunity to contact with persons from other cultures and taught me leadership skills.

Special interest: my real interest is meeting other cultures

Characteristics: hard-working and quick-witted person


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